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There are a few prerequisites that must be installed prior to installing and using OBGEv3. These are:

OBSE - Version 0020 or later.
DirectX Update

Make sure that you have first downloaded and installed the prerequisites. This readme assumes that you are only interested in installing the OBGEv3 Core package for the OBGEv3 OBSE plugin. If you are also interested in using the OBGEv3 project shaders, download the OBGEv3 Shaders package from the project TES Nexus page and follow the instructions in its ReadMe.

In addition to installing the presquisites, a few mods must be removed if installed, before OBGEv3 is installed. These are:

OBGEv2 Core
OBGEv2 Shaders
Old WIP versions of OBGEv2 (including the DepthTest.dll).

It is recommended that you use Wrye Bash's BAIN to install the OBGEv3 Core package as its resource tracking features make it far easier to uninstall if you ever need to. You can also create an OMOD from it, although no OMOD Conversion Data is supplied. The instructions for installing OBGEv3 Core are as follows:

Using BAIN:
Drag 'n' drop the OBGEv3 Core archive you downloaded into your Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers\ folder.
Launch Wrye Bash and click on the Installers tab. Once it has finished scanning your folders, continue to the next step.
Right-click the OBGEv3 Core archive in your package list. Select the "Install" option. A warning will appear regarding the OBGEv3.dll, allow it to be installed.
Manually (highly discouraged!):
Extract the OBGEv3 Core archive you downloaded into your Oblivion\Data directory.
If you decide to use the legacy compiler, move the "d3dx9_31.dll" from your Extras folder to your Oblivion game folder.